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Code of conduct

It is a priority for us to offer a fun and safe event for everyone.


Discriminatory comments or behavior based on ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, social class, physical or mental ability, age or appearance, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Anyone making discriminatory comments or behaving in a discriminatory manner will be expelled from the site.


No non-consensual physical contact will be tolerated.

Golden rule (at Dame festive and everywhere else!) : Without a yes, it’s a NO!

In addition, an intoxicated person is not able to give informed consent. Show respect and kindness.

We do not tolerate non-consensual behavior or any form of sexual harassment. Anyone who breaks this rule will be expelled.


If you are a victim of problematic behavior (harassment, unwanted contact, intoxication without your knowledge, etc.):

  • You will find help from identified volunteers or members of security.
  • You can text 514-518-3178 and a member of the security team will join you.
  •  If possible, go to the information tent or join an identified team member.

If you witness a problematic situation (harassment, unwanted contact, involuntary intoxication, etc.)

  • React if you can. Provide a distraction, ask the help of another person or intervene directly as long as your own safety is not threatened.
  • Notify volunteers or security personnel as soon as possible, or ask someone to do so while you keep an eye on the victim. In an emergency, call for help.
  •  Be kind to the victim. Listen attentively without doubting what they say, and accompany them to a place where they feel safe.